Best of 2017!


I managed to hit the 300 book mark this year, which is a little bit crazy. A lengthy commute to and from work every day has helped me out in that regard. And reading that many romance novels has made it a struggle to narrow it down into a handy little list, so this isn’t all that short, but that can only be a good thing! This post will be about 2017 releases, I’ll try and get a post up about the pre-2017 releases that I read this year soon, because there’s some seriously incredible books that need a mention. So let’s get into it!

outofuniformOut Of Uniform (series) – Annabeth Albert

Sexy military boys with soft, squishy centres. This whole series is gorgeous, and there’s more to come! Annabeth is pretty much an auto-buy author for me, I’m yet to be disappointed by anything she’s written.

anchorpointAnchor Point (series) – L.A. Witt

Solid writing, as always from L.A. Witt. More yummy military men. I was hooked from the start with these, and I can’t wait for more! (The first of these was published in 2016, but I read the whole lot in 2017 so it totally counts)

wagsWAGs (series) – Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Sporty men and scene-stealing dogs? Sold. A spin-off from the timelessly incredible Him/Us hockey M/M romance series by the same authors. There better be more in this series next year, I need it! Sarina seems to be the only person who writes M/F books that I genuinely adore, time and time again, but I intend to branch out a little next year.

straysStrays – Garrett Leigh

This was the follow-up to my Favourite Book Of All Time, ‘Misfits’. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to that, but I should never have been worried, Garrett is the safest pair of hands around. Nero was everything. He and Lenny were utterly gorgeous. I know I’ll read this again and again.

leaningintoLeaning Into Stories (series) – Lane Hayes

This whole series is a great read, but Leaning Into the Fall was by far my favourite. Nick is a hilarious and complex character, and his HEA left me the most satisfied. I’d highly recommend the entire lot.

imagoImago/Imagines – N. R. Walker

Both pretty short books, but it’s a series that packs a punch. There’s a whole lot of wildlife/conservation talk which is something close to my heart. Both MCs are hopelessly lovely, smart and conscientious. And there’s even some bonus dog sidekick content. A++.

skindeepincSkin Deep Inc. (series) – L.A. Witt

Sexy military men plus tortured tattoo artists? Yes please! L.A. Witt is constantly proving herself dependable in writing romances I will always want to read.

usUs (series) – A.M. Arthur

A series about a polyamorous trio? With pornstars and age differences and damaged souls? It was made for me. Gold star for side characters and cameos from another series. There is already a third book in this series that I seriously need to read. Like now.

whoweareWho We Are – Nicola Haken

I started reading this without any real clue what it was about. It had good reviews and a quick skim of the blurb made me give it a go, and oh holy jesus. It was gorgeous. It’s set in the UK! In the North! It felt like home. And I genuinely didn’t know the twist was coming. A beautiful story that gave me all the feels.

whiskeyAgents Irish and Whiskey (series) – Layla Reyne

I don’t read too many books that are heavy on the suspense/drama/crime-solving, I’m usually just all about the romance, but these balanced things perfectly. This series was ace.

bestmanBe My Best Man – Con Riley

I do like my UK romances. This one was very topical and relevant to the UK’s political climate right now. But on top of that it gave me lots of feels. Beautifully written. I really need to read this one again.

porthkennackHouse Of Cards/Junkyard Heart (Porthkennack series) – Garrett Leigh

Garrett Leigh’s contributions to the Porthkennack series. Garrett can’t write a bad book. Tattoo artists, tortured souls, romance and redemption. They’re really something special.

corbinwaleThe Remaking of Corbin Wale – Roan Parrish

The first book that I’ve read from Roan Parrish, I shall be devouring everything else next year. This might be the most beautifully written thing ever?? And it also made me ridiculously hungry. Corbin was stunning. I want to live in the warm cosiness of this story forever.

christmasflingThe Christmas Fling – Heidi Cullinan

Back in one of my favourite universes! A spin-off from the Minnesota series which I adored. Oh, hello Dale. This was everything I needed this Christmas. The MCs were engaging, and Christmas Town sucked me in. There’s great mental illness rep. Basically I want to move to Logan.

peterdarlingPeter Darling – Austin Chant

This was the last book I read in 2017, and it was a perfect way to finish the year. Completely captivating. A really magical re-imagining of a classic, deeper and darker and exactly what Neverland should be. There’s seriously great sexual tension. The ending was gorgeous and gave me all the feels.


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