And the rest of 2017!


I read so many books last year, and the vast majority of them were not published in 2017. I spent a lot of time in various authors’ back catalogues, and I’ve found so many books that I adore, so I have to make sure they all get a mention too!

misfitsMisfits (Urban Soul series) – Garrett Leigh

I had to triple check my first reading date of this book, because I can’t quite believe I only read it for the first time at the start of 2017. It feels like it’s been a part of my life for years. It’s my favourite book in the world, so perfectly written. I connected with it in ways I never could have expected, so it means a whole lot to me. Everybody please read it and love these boys like I do.

betweenghostsBetween Ghosts – Garrett Leigh

Yeah, yeah, Garrett’s my fave, you get it. But she’s seriously incredible. This was so intense. Really gritty, being with these soldiers in the midst of war. And that twist?!? Looking back I maybe should have seen it coming, but I didn’t, and it tore my heart to pieces. It’s heavy but it’s glorious and I loved it so hard.

lovelessonsLove Lessons (series) – Heidi Cullinan

Heidi Cullinan rarely lets me down. This was a really great series, Heidi managing to make these college kids engaging and deep and truly interesting, even managing to sneak a little bit of kink into Baz and Elijah’s story. Lonely Hearts was definitely my favourite. I’m always drawn to the truly tortured souls, ok?

specialdeliverySpecial Delivery (series) – Heidi Cullinan

I adore the characters in this series, especially Randy and Ethan from ‘Double Blind’. And the whole Vegas setting from that book was gorgeous. ‘Tough Love’ was definitely inching towards too kinky for me? It’s not extreme at all, but I just didn’t connect as well. But the first two books are easily two of my all-time favourites.

glasgowladsGlasgow Lads (series) – Avery Cockburn

These books are incredible. I live just a stone’s throw from the Scottish border and I’m very familiar with Glasgow, so the setting of these was great for me. I can understand why there might be a bit of an issue if you’re unfamiliar with the Scottish accent and language, but that was something I adored about these. They’re so unapologetically Scottish, very topical and relevant, and truly wonderfully written. There’s going to be a Curling spin-off to these in time for the Winter Olympics and I am so excited it’s unreal!

perspectivesPerspectives (series) – A.M. Arthur

These are stunning. Wonderful characters dealing with real pain and grief and set backs, yet there’s such a positive and optimistic feeling to the stories. ‘The World As He Sees It’ was most definitely my favourite. The fourth book in the series was actually released in 2017 but I wanted to keep them all together, because as a series they’re all amazing.

darkhorseDark Horse (series) – Kate Sherwood

I discovered these when I went on a specific hunt for polyamorous romances, and this series was easily one of the best I found. The first book will tear your heart into pieces and stomp all over them, but after that there’s so much gorgeous self-discovery and rebuilding and support and falling in love, they’re really stunning.

northboundNorthbound/Northland (The North Novels series) – Cara Dee

I loved these two books so much, I really wish there were more. I loved the wild Alaskan setting. Book one has a big age difference and history between the MCs, and book two has a single father with an adorable child, and both are really great reads. Right up my street.

rumspringaA Forbidden Rumspringa (series) – Keira Andrews

I read an awful lot of Keira Andrews last year, and this series really stood out. I’ve read a few Amish romances and this might just be my favourite. Loved them.

keiraThe Station & Semper Fi – Keira Andrews

These two books aren’t related, but they are both historical romances by Keira Andrews. And as a general rule I don’t enjoy historical romances, but these were seriously incredible. ‘The Station’ is set in the 1840s, and a Cambridge student and a stable master are arrested and shipped off to a prison colony Australia. It had an almost enemies-to-lovers vibe, definitely some forced proximity, it was glorious. ‘Semper Fi’ is set during WWII and is a heart-wrenching best friends-to-lovers romance that was so completely and utterly gorgeous.

reddirtRed Dirt Heart (series) – N.R. Walker

This series is ridiculously good. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and I bloody love that there’s so many books about the same couple. We get to see so much of Travis and Charlie’s lives together, and even a bonus crossover with the Imago boys. The setting of the unforgiving Australian outback is unique and intense and I loved every second of being in that world. Bonus points for amazing animal sidekicks that routinely stole the show.

spencercohenSpencer Cohen (series) – N.R. Walker

I seriously loved this series. It felt refreshing, low relationship angst but with enough pace and drama to keep you engaged across the whole series, wonderfully endearing characters who communicate so well that I wanted to smother them with kisses. ‘Yanni’s Story’ was a 2017 release and I loved Yanni’s side of the story and seeing him get his HEA.

marshalsMarshals (series)- Mary Calmes

These were incredible. Miro and Ian go from best friends and partners to lovers, and I adored them together. There’s crime and drama and angst and all that good stuff. And in getting everything together for this post I found there’s going to be a fourth book in this series?? Count me in!

seacatchesfireIf The Seas Catch Fire – L.A. Witt

This book was a beast. Really quite a long one for me, but so worth it. So much drama! Mafias and contract killers and murders and plots and revenge and forbidden love. So intense and emotionally exhausting, but truly superbly written. Not normally my cup of tea given how the romance isn’t front and centre, but good god it was good. Highly recommended.

christmaskitschChristmas Kitsch – Amy Lane

Well there had to be a holiday romance or two in here, I love them. It’s all I read in December. This was one of my all time favourites, so comfy and cosy and emotional and adorable, it was like being wrapped in a big fleecy blanket with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Absolutely wonderful.

winterorangesWinter Oranges – Marie Sexton

I was sceptical about this one. I rarely read anything even vaguely paranormal in any way, so reading about a man falling in love with someone trapped in a snowglobe? I was dubious. But it really was something special, I got so wrapped up in the whole thing. The story was magical, the characters were so loveable, I love it when a book exceeds all my expectations.


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