Review: ‘Love Letters’ Series by Anyta Sunday (Books 1 – 3)

LoveLettersFromGreenville_A-C (1)

I had to jump at the chance of reviewing the start of this series. Anyta Sunday is great at what she does, and she’d lured me in with the little teasers she’s been sneaking out there. However I did only receive the ARCs of these books yesterday, and my pesky full-time job has prevented me from reading all of them before release. I happily devoured Admiring Ash in a day though, so that review is here and full of glorious praise, and the reviews for the other two will follow once I’ve gobbled them up too!

AdmiringAsh-fPublished July 31st 2018
222 pages

A is for Ash Heartford.

Adorable, strong, and independent.

Abandoned by his parents and attached to only one person—his little sister.

Attracted to River, the sultry man who saunters onto his doorstep with startling news.

Always yearning for more River, yet afraid to let him in.

Should he play it safe, or claim his legacy and risk losing his heart?

A is for Admiring Ash.

Anyta Sunday is officially the queen of slow-burn romance for me. It’s not a type of romance I typically seek out, it tends to leave me a bit frustrated that it’s taken so long, or I’m flicking pages to get to the good stuff, but Anyta nails it every time. The right balance of longing and tension with progress. Her pacing is excellent.

Admiring Ash is another hit for me. It’s sweet and tender and sexy and wholesome. The plot has depth without ever getting heavy, the characters are well-rounded given the length of the story, and the setting is lovely. Ash and River would seem to be polar opposites, from opposite sides of the tracks (or opposite sides of the river, to be more exact), but really they’re two men dealing with different kinds of loss and searching for the same thing. Their connection is immediate but they’re both so scared of being hurt and left alone that they avoid giving into it for so long. But the story never drags.

It was so easy to read. An absolute pleasure. If all 26 had of these novellas were released at once I could more than happily spend the next 26 days getting lost in the little world of Greenville. So now I’m going to dive into the next one!

4/5 stars

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