Review: ‘Play Hard’ by Avery Cockburn

44596044Published April 23rd 2019
135 pages

Robert McKenzie lives to work. He’s fresh out of university as a video-game entrepreneur, and his new app could actually save lives. But burning the candle at both ends means missing out on the best parts of his own life—including his boyfriend, Liam.

Liam Carroll works to live. His job as a bartender pays the rent—if not always the heating bill—and that’s plenty for now. But Robert’s workaholism reminds Liam his own life is going nowhere, and his own dreams are scaring the pants off him.

To jolt them out of their ruts, Robert invents a new game: He and Liam are to take turns offering each other sexy new challenges with irresistible rewards.

Of course, Robert gets more than he bargained for, as Liam takes their game in one surprising direction after another. Whether it’s in the bedroom, on the football pitch, or at the pub (or even the supermarket?), the things they learn about each other—and themselves—could change their lives forever.

This book was everything I needed! I always crave follow-ups to couples I love where there aren’t any big fights, no huge miscommunications, just lots of love and hard work trying to keep things as good and exciting as they were in the beginning. This is the follow-up book I’ve always wanted!

The Glasgow Lads series is one of my ultimate favourites, Avery Cockburn nails it every single time for me. Liam and Robert aren’t necessarily my favourite couple from the series (Colin and Andrew forever!), but I still love them dearly. They’re the true friends-to-lovers pairing that nobody can deny were meant to be. I’d have been thrilled by a second story from any of the Glasgow Lads, but I could feel in my soul that an update from Liam and Robert would bring me joy.

There were so many time where I was bracing myself for the inevitable fight and idiotic moment where the couple fall out because of egos or misunderstanding, but hallelujah! These guys didn’t conform! They actually talked to each other. They communicated like grown ups. They fit so perfectly into each other’s lives and knew exactly what the other needed. No words I could type would do justice to just how grateful I am for this book. Avery Cockburn didn’t go looking for drama, she didn’t manufacture unnecessary disagreements. She simply demonstrated just how much these two men loved each other and were willing to put in the work to keep each other happy.

This novella explores all the ways these boys know how to keep thing fresh and stimulating and romantic. It’s very sexy, Liam and Robert really know how to push each other’s buttons, but at the heart of every action is so much love. They want to build each other up, support each other, and make sure that the other is truly happy.

I could not get enough of this book, and I wish that all the couples in every book I’ve read could be revisited like Liam and Robert were. It was light-hearted and fun, but it was a real insight into how these guys will really make it in the long run. I cannot rate it highly enough, and I will be patiently waiting for whatever instalment Avery Cockburn has for us next in this spectacular series.

5/5 stars